First Friday Art Opening!

LS Dance Co. is excited to host a new artist in the studio: Wenxiao Zheng!

Swing by to see Weird Wen’s fabulous work, featuring mixed media pieces, watercolors, and Chinese calligraphy! 

We are hosting their Gallery Opening on Friday, March 3rd, from 4:30pm to 8:30pm.

His painting are available for viewing at the studio from March 1st until April 30th, 2023.

Free and Open to the public

Learn more about Wen and his work:

Wenxiao Zheng: Wen is a medical graduate, and a part-time artist practicing watercolor, oil painting, and other mixed media. His passion for art simply arises from the quietness he acquires when practicing painting, the feeling of release by letting color flow on the paper, and the happiness when seeing the joy transferred to friends and even strangers through his paintings.

A Revolving Moment

From the Artist: A revolving moment: We all can face a revolving moment at some point in our life. It’s like a revolving door suddenly showing up in front of you: a chance, an opportunity, a change, a loss, a different adventure, or a potential temporary downslope. You might make the decision to grab the handle, and push forward, but it could be leading nowhere if you miss the chance to exit. Whether you go through this revolving moment into a new realm or end up feeling as if nothing has changed, believe me: when you decide to face the change, you have moved forward. This exhibition is one of my personal revolving moments, and I appreciate myself for taking the courage to push forward. And thank you, everyone, for your kindness and support.

Thank you!