First Friday Art Opening: Paul Vladuchick!

LS Dance Co. is excited to host a new artist in the studio: Paul Vladuchick

We are hosting their second and last Gallery Opening of the season on Friday, June 2nd, 6:00PM to 9:00PM. You can’t miss this! 

His current collection celebrates the beauty and magic of the city of Pittsburgh! A must for any true Yinzer! 

His photos are available for viewing at the studio from May 1st until June 30th, 2023.

Free and Open to the public

Learn more about Paul and his work:

Paul Vladuchick : Paul Vladuchick has been behind the camera his whole life, photographing just about anything and everything. Most people do not know what he looks like without the camera in front of his face (being generally recognized by the crazy hair and the big camera and backpack camera bag). He has spent a significant amount of time photographing the city and prefers to shoot at night or in low light. Slow shutters and wide open lenses allow neat things to happen in the image. The camera has a way of seeing into the darkness that we generally can not see with our eyes alone. 

In addition to photographing in and around the city of Pittsburgh itself,  Paul has been active in the last 9 years photographing the social ballroom, latin, salsa and west coast swing dance communities in Pittsburgh. He says he typically does not steal people’s souls when photographing them, though he was somewhat reluctant to say how many souls he may have collected and what he may or may not have done with them. While he himself dances (or at least attempts to dance), ironically, few photos exist of him actually dancing.

Thank you!