Ballroom Classes

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Los Sabrosos Dance Co. offers group and private ballroom dance lessons designed for anyone interested in ballroom dancing for fun or for special occasions. Both SINGLES and COUPLES are welcome.
Two left feet? No worries! Our instructors have extensive experience working with beginners and seasoned dancers.

Group Classes

Country Western Two-Step
For beginners to experienced-beginners!
Also known as the Texas Two Step or Country Western Two Step, this popular social dance is a lot of fun. This dance is characterized by turns and improvisations and is typically danced to country music.1

For beginners to experienced-beginners!
One of the most recognizable and beloved latin dances, the Cha-Cha is a lively, sassy, groovy, and very popular social dance.

American Style Tango
For beginners to experienced-beginners!
American Style Tango is a dramatic, hugely popular ballroom style, with influences of multiple other social dances. American Tango has a very simplistic, codified moveset, and incorporates open positions and distinctive body lines. 

West Coast Swing
For beginners to experienced-beginners!
West Coast Swing is a elegant and contemporary partner dance that draws from many other dance styles giving it the versatility to be used almost anywhere people are dancing or music is playing.

For beginners to experienced-beginners!
One of the most classic and timeless ballroom dances! Similar in its look to a waltz, the foxtrot is a smooth, elegant dance that utilizes long, continuous flowing movements across the dance floor.

COVID-19 UPDATE: For partner classes, students do NOT need to bring their own partner, but we are unable to guarantee that students coming to class solo will have someone to dance with. See the full details on our current policy here.

We have created a Facebook group for Los Sabrosos students to connect with each other and find other students to partner with. Click here to be taken to the group.

Would you like to take lessons catered to your learning style, pace, and schedule?
Want more feedback and individualized attention from great instructors?
Getting married and looking to dance an awe-inspiring dance with your sweetheart?

Find out more about Private Lessons HERE!

Upcoming Schedule of Ballroom Classes

7 PM: Cha-Cha: Beginner to Intermediate

Please visit our Registration page for pricing and to sign up!

Contact the studio at (412) 465-0290