Bellydance Classes

 Bellydance Thursdays!

Led by internationally renowned instructor, Maria Hamer!

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6 PM – Bellydance 1 Drills with Zills
This is a great class for beginners who need to get that technique work in. We will break down the movements from the inside out to best understand the quality of movement as well as build stamina within the technique. An Introduction to Zills (Finger Cymbals) will be applied, learning finger rhythm patterns. ALSO GREAT FOR ALL LEVELS – for brushing up & getting the drills in! Expect a brief warm up & cool down. Comfortable Pants & hip scarf recommended.  *For first time buying zills, get a lightweight zill. I recommend Saroyan Mastercrafts’ ‘Nefertiti’ for beginners

7 PM – Bellydance 2 Drills, Layers & Zills
*Some experience required
We will discuss & apply specific timings, weight exchanges & layering dynamics that will challenge, & most importantly, build your range of movement to express yourself! We will break down each layer to the slowest possible speed to check in with posture, energy, & flow. We shall then speed up the movements gradually adding, or deleting elements… Oh yes… & there are ZILLS still!! Combos, taxim, & hoedown jam (call out with cymbal, jamila-esque style) “may” finish our classes~ Expect a challenging warm up & blissful cool down.

8 PM – Vetiver Bellydance Troupe 
Troupe info can be found HERE

Please visit our Registration page for pricing and to sign up!

Please visit our Registration page for pricing and to sign up!

Contact the studio at 412-465-0290