Milonga Class

In collaboration with Pittsburgh Argentine Tango Society, Los Sabrosos is hosting a four week long course perfect for anyone eager to learn this intimate and enchanting dance style!

Milonga, the precursor to Tango, is a fun, fast-paced dance based on African rhythms and provides an easy introduction to Argentine Tango.  This class will explore all three Milonga rhythm variations, the two main styles of dancing (lisa and con traspie), cadencia, and the conventions that give Milonga its distinct character.  We’ll create playful walks, ochos, turns, and adornments. Trini Regaspi, who has been teaching Tango for over 20 years, will be leading the class.
Beginners are absolutely welcome, as are more experienced dancers interested in improving their Milonga. 
Music will be available to practice with at home. 

Class is immediately followed by Old School Practica from 4 to 6 PM, which is the perfect opportunity to practice everything you learn in class hand-in-hand with seasoned dancers!
A $5 cover is required.

Date & Time:
Sundays at 3PM
February 19th – March 12th
Los Sabrosos, 4909 Penn Ave.
Pricing (for all 4 weeks):
Regular $50
Discounted $40 (student/military/low income)

**All payment and registration processes will be handled by instructor, Trini Regaspi.