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Live Streaming:

Los Sabrosos Dance Co. will be streaming nearly all of our group classes and workshops through Zoom at the times that they are normally scheduled!
Yes! That includes classes for all of our Kids and Adult classes, such as our Yoga classes,  Bellydance classes, and Salsa & Bachata classes and More!
The current schedule of classes can be found HERE!

Register online (or over the phone) at LEAST 24 hours in advance and we will send you the link to join the Zoom Class!

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*Discount for college students, low income individuals, seniors, or veterans

**Does not include classes beyond your level of skill. Applies only to series courses, not workshops. Amount of classes vary each month and some classes may cancel.

On Demand Videos

Check out all of our On Demand Classes here:

Bachata Classes:

These classes are led by award-winning instructors, Heidi Islas and Stanton Kochanek!
Bachata Basics Series 1: Start off your bachata journey on the right foot by deeply learning the foundations and body movements.
Bachtata Basics Series 2: A continuation of the journey into different bachata styles.
Bachata Syncopations: Learn to move your body to the rhythms of bachata music. For Experienced-Beginners and Intermediate dancers.

BOOTCamp Classes:

These classes are created by our awesome Fitness & Dance Instructor, Sarah Markwardt!
BOOTCamp is a full-body strength and toning workout that combines circuits of body weight resistance and plyometric exercises with high-intensity cardio dance. We call this “tumbao”, the Spanish word for Afro Caribbean flavor, as our music includes Latin rhythms and Afrobeats.

Yoga Classes:

These classes are created by our awesome Yoga Instructor, Lauren Panza!
The Yogilates Class consists of four class segments are designed to build long, lean muscles, strength and balance.

And the Vinyasa Flow Yoga class starts you off with a centering meditation and takes you through a multi-level journey into Vinyasa Yoga. Added bonus: Getting in your sculpting while stretching!!!