Current COVID-19 Requirements & Studio Protocols:

Current COVID policies:

  • Clients who are sick should stay home.
  • Students no longer need to bring their own partner to any group classes.

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, we are adjusting all of our adult and kids classes with several safety protocols:
24 hour advance registration REQUIRED for ALL classes ($5 fee charge for late registration. Please call the studio if registering late to make sure the class is still being offered)
• HEPA filters, max ventilation, and open windows/doors

Please note that pre-registration for courses is still required. A $5 fee will be applied to late registrations.
We reserve the right to cancel the class if we don’t have enough students in attendance.

Student, Client, Staff, Subcontractor, Volunteer, and Member Conduct:

❧ Students, clients, staff, subcontractors, volunteers, and members are expected to support one another with respect, encouragement, constructive feedback, and positive attitudes.
❧ Students, clients, staff, subcontractors, volunteers, and members are expected to make the safety of themselves and those around them their first priority. This includes the person they are dancing with. Safety guidelines are set forth by the instructors at lessons/workshops, and/or the members in charge of an event.
❧ Students are expected to place themselves in classes that are appropriate for their skill level. If you don’t know which level is appropriate, ask one of the instructors. Students may be asked to defer in taking specific class levels until they demonstrate the appropriate prerequisite skills.
❧ Even when dancing socially, all members, students, clients, and staff are expected to be respectful and conscientious to all dancers in the community. We are about inclusivity, not exclusivity.

Los Sabrosos Policies:


Group Lesson Placement:
The instructors at Los Sabrosos pride themselves on the courses that they teach. The skills, techniques, and moves are not necessarily taught in the same manner or order as other dance studios because we create and adapt our lessons to serve our students’ needs in a manner that we deem best.

While we offer four week courses, we do not intend for students to judge their skill level simply through attendance. Some students take months just to master a level. That is why we always add new moves into our courses, while constantly polishing the foundational skills and steps. In order to progress, students need to master the primary movements, and demonstrate connection, tension, the balancing of energy, as well as rhythm, fluidity and intentionality.

In order to fully meet the needs of every student, each student must receive instructor consent to participate in the more advanced courses.

Refund Policy:
Lesson payments are non-refundable, whether for groups, privates, events, or teams.
Private lesson packages are valid for only one year from the date of purchase.
Group lessons and Private lessons gift cards are valid for only one year from the date of purchase.
Group lesson packages are valid for only the current or upcoming month that the package is purchased. No transfers or make-ups.

24 Hour Cancellation Policy for Private Lessons:
We aim to provide our students the highest quality service and pride ourselves on our exceptional team. If you should cancel your reservation less than 24 hours of your scheduled appointment, we not only lose that scheduled appointment, but also the potential business of other clients who may have taken your scheduled reservation time. For this reason we are obligated to compensate our team for their time as well as make up for lost revenue.

The full lesson fee will be charged to you for missed reservations that are rescheduled or canceled less then 24 hours notice.

For private lessons booked through our online scheduler, the date you select is a REQUEST for that date and time, and is not guaranteed. Your lesson is not confirmed until a representative from Los Sabrosos contacts you personally via email or phone.


Los Sabrosos (students, clients, staff, members, and participants) disclaim any liability or loss in connection with the events, classes or dance patterns/routines taught therein. Consult with your physician before starting any dance or exercise routine.

Prohibited Harassment:

Definitions and Rules Governing the Conduct of Los Sabrosos Members, Groups, Students, Clients, and Staff:

Sexual Favors as a Basis for Actions Affecting an Individual’s Welfare as a Student, Client, Staff, or Member
A student, client, staff member, subcontractor, volunteer, or member of Los Sabrosos is subject to discipline if he or she behaves toward another person in any of the following ways:

☙ Uses, offers to use, or threatens to use one’s status as a member of the organization to bring about decisions or assessments affecting an individual’s welfare on the basis of submission to, or rejection of, requests for sexual favors.
☙ Accepts an offer of sexual favors in exchange for an agreement to use one’s status as a member of organization to bring about favorable decisions or assessments affecting an individual.

Flagrant or Repeated Sexual Advances, Requests for Sexual Favors, and Physical Contacts Harmful to Another’s Work, Performance, or Dance or to the Work, Dance, or Service Environment

A student, client, staff member, subcontractor, volunteer, or member of Los Sabrosos is subject to discipline if he or she makes sexual advances, requests sexual favors, or makes physical contacts commonly understood to be of a sexual nature, and if the conduct is unwanted by the person(s) to whom it is directed, and the actor knew or a reasonable person could clearly have understood that the conduct was unwanted, and because of its flagrant or repetitious nature, the conduct either seriously interferes with work or learning performance of the person(s) to whom the conduct was directed, or makes the organization work, learning, or service environment intimidating or hostile, or demeaning to a person of average sensibilities.