“Los Sabrosos has been an excellent fit for my needs. I’ve had productive group classes with four of their instructors so far. All were pleasantly demanding, I.e. they took us to the edge of our comfort zone, but we had fun doing it.

After a couple sessions of group classes I added private lessons with Nicolette. She pushed me to be the best I could be, and to enjoy the journey. She offered the perfect mix of technical detail, combined with practical advice on how to optimize my lead for different situations on the social dance floor.”
– Jerry Minshall

“I have had some time to reflect lately about my progress as a dancer in the past year. It is due time that I express my gratitude to Los Sabrosos Dance Company and my phenomenal instructors Nicolette Pawlowski, Heidi Islas Haeupler and Stanton Kochanek.
I started dancing at Los Sabrosos in the Fall of 2015. Nicolette thank you so much for providing me with this opportunity to dance and grow as a person and encouraging me to step out of my comfort zone and join the dance performance teams.
I cannot express enough thanks to Heidi and Stanton. I would not be the dancer I am today if it were not for them. A year ago I started training with them on a bachata dance team that they started. My dancing improved drastically through their instruction. Heidi and Stanton are not only extremely talented dancers they are also excellent teachers. They show a genuine interest in their students progression. Heidi and Stanton are great at getting you to understand the moves and how the move looks and feels when its executed correctly.They explain moves thoroughly in a detailed understandable manner. They watch you dance and can breakdown what you are doing to get you to be able to do it right. Both of them are wonderful people to be around. They make dancing fun, they provide support and encouragement and compassion when you need it. I consider both of them a great friend of mine.
I am forever grateful to Heidi and Stanton and Los Sabrosos Dance Company!
Thank you so much!”
– N. C.

“The Los Sabrosos Dance Co. on Penn Ave is worth checking out!!!!!
I have been taking dance lessons for a little over 1yr now from two extremely talented and dedicated instructors (Stanton Kochanek and Heidi Islas Haeupler).
I thought it was well past time that I expressed my appreciation for them both.
I started learning Bachata (Dominican Republic social dance) in February 2016 in a beginner course with Stanton and Heidi. They are both excellent teachers who can break down this beautiful dance into digestible segments that are perfect for a beginner like me.
Throughout this course they were both so genuinely excited about their love for dance that I also got excited! I didn’t know that this world of dance existed in Pittsburgh. I felt really grateful to have found it and I wanted to make it mine too.
I soon joined Stanton and Heidi’s beginner bachata performance team. We were set to perform in DC in August 2016. I didn’t know if I could actually do what I had signed up for, but I was committed and I trusted my instructors.
Every practice Stanton and Heidi came prepared with that day’s lesson. They didn’t take it easy on us, they challenged us in partner connection, basic technique, styling, projections, etc. They treated us like REAL dancers. They balanced out this critique of our dancing however with equal measures of kindness and compassion for our new skills.
I couldn’t believe how fast the months went and before I knew it I was on stage dancing around professional dancers. It was an unexpected life experience and it was amazing!
I continue to take weekly bachata lessons with these two instructors because of their level of professionalism, dance knowledge and their dedication to furthering my dancing skills.
Thanks to them I am able to go out social dancing on almost any night of the week and feel like I can hold mine own on the floor. Don’t get me wrong I am still learning but it wouldn’t have been possible without them.
I am so pleased with my improvement in bachata over the past year that I am already hoping to be a part of their future team in August 2017 because I know it will make me a better dancer.
Heidi and Stanton are truly committed to moving up the level of dance up in Pittsburgh!
I am proud to tell people that I am their student but now I am luck enough to call them both my friends as well as my instructors : )
I love you both and will see you at practice.”
– Rachel Brady

“Some of the best instructors I’ve ever had! Nicolette and Augustine are all about teaching and making sure we have a positive experience. I’ve never left the studio without feeling like a champ.”
– Adel M.

“My fiance and I are getting married in a couple of weeks and we decided to sign up for private dance classes at Los Sabrosos. Krystyna was our dance teacher and she was amazing. We were pretty indecisive about our “first dance” song so she suggested that we learn swing. Particularly since the dance moves are easily applicable to a variety of songs. Then we shortlisted our top contenders for “first dance” song and she spent a considerable amount of effort listing the pros and cons of each song choice and ultimately helping us pick the perfect song. Ultimately Krystyna choreographed an entire dance routine taking into account our preferences. She was even considerate enough to integrate some middle eastern flavors to our dance.

We are really excited to show off our new moves (especially since we’re total novices) in a couple of weeks. We’ll definitely be returning for group classes in the future. It’s a great and friendly place. Highly recommended!”
– Tala A.

“To prepare for our wedding, we took dance lessons from Los Sabrosos on Penn Ave in Garfield. We bought the 10-lesson package and were extremely pleased. We had never really danced together before, and were very nervous about the first dance for our wedding. First off, they were very flexible with us and our schedule — and very understanding with our hours as we both work full time. Second, they helped narrow down our song selection, and choreographed our first dance. Third, they helped us build confidence in our movement together. Everything for the wedding came out beautifully, and we had a marvelous first dance that everyone enjoyed it. More long-lasting, is the confidence we built, both with our own motions, and moving together as a couple. Many thanks to Los Sabrosos for their time and training!”
– Ian Price & Will Wenger

“Krystyna is extremely patient and talented teacher. We came in with no experience, both American rumba and salsa, and now we feel very comfortable and confident in our dance. And not to mention that she is wonderful, kind human being. We both, Mark and Angel love her!”

“Years ago I wanted to study ballet. Being a supporter of the Pittsburgh Ballet is something that I have always been interested in. At that time not many places were offering private ballet lessons of men. You were looked at differently for even wanting to take them. I was working for Vocelli Pizza and one night I delivered pizza to Los Sabrosos Dance Co. and they told me they were starting ballet classes. Ana was everything I wanted as a teacher. She is kind, patient, strict, and even helped me work on a diet and food to eat. She even put together ballet music CD for me to practice at home. Great ballet teachers are hard to find and finding Ana was finding a gem in a haystack. So if you are thinking of starting ballet for yourself or for you kids look no further than Los Sabrosos Dance Co. You’ll be glad you did.”
– Jim Sheets

“Krystyna is a master teacher, who brings a European commitment to her art. She has danced competitively, and will really help you nail the basics. Hope to see you there!!”
– Dean Kellerhouse

“My fiancé Diane and I had a wonderful experience with Krystyna who helped prepare us for our wedding dance. Thanks so much, Krystyna and Nicolette!”
– Bob DiCola

“L’ambiente e professionale e molto allegro”
– Concetta Boccaforno

“We contacted Los Sabrosos to help us prepare a dance for our wedding and prepare us they did! Our instructor, Krystyna, choreographed an amazing dance to the song we chose and worked tirelessly to help us learn all her fancy moves! We surprised ourselves at how good we looked; all thanks to Krystyna’s instruction and skill. Whether you’re preparing for a wedding or just want to learn a new skill, we highly recommend Krystyna for all your dancing needs!!!”
– Jenn & Zack
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“Nicolette & Agustin,
We just wanted to say thank you again for a wonderful lesson today. You both are excellent teachers, have wonderful personalities and you made it a great day for our students. You should be proud of your work!!! Our students were a little shy at first but after your lesson today on the bus ride to the restaurant and during lunch they all talked about how much they loved your lesson. You both are excellent dancers and make it an enjoyable learning experience. We will definitely be coming back in the future for more lessons.
Thanks again and have a great day,
Colleen & Michelle”

“I took Salsa and Bachata lessons at Los Sabrosos for over a year and got to experience both their private and group classes. The studio offers a range of dance styles at all skill levels and the instructors are very flexible about accommodating their students’ interests. In addition to being the best dance studio in Pittsburgh, Los Sabrosos gave me great friendships and the opportunity to explore Pittsburgh’s Latin social dancing scene and have fun… highly recommended!”
– Ben Hershey

“Just wanted to thank you both for coming! The students had a great time and you both are so great with them. I know that group was a little crazy and pretty big, but you all really kept their attention and taught them a lot!
We really appreciated it! Hope to see you again in the future!”
– Andrew T.
Punxsutawney Area High School
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“I have taken both group and private lessons from Los Sabrosos, and cannot recommend them more highly. Their attention to detail, ability to convey body movements, and contagious energy is what makes Los Sabrosos such a great place to learn how to dance (and dance well), and have fun while doing so. They teach more than just steps, but most importantly technique. Over the last six months they have been very patient with me and my two left feet, helping me to grow as a dancer, as well as build confidence along the way.”
– Ashley Dickson

“Dana is such an uplifting, caring, and talented teacher. She brings all of her exuberance and charm with her to each and every class. Not only will you receive high quality instruction and feedback, but you will also have fun participating in the community Dana cultivates and sharing her love for dance.”
– Brittany W.

“It has been such a thrill to learn salsa these past few months. I had taken classes on and off in the past, but after a few private lessons and a couple of group classes at LS I am finally beginning to feel comfortable and confident in my ability to lead on the dance floor. Their attention to detail is scrupulous and learning from Nicolette and Agustin is both fruitful and fun. I’m glad I found these guys.”
– Ben

“The instructors of Los Sabrosos have a passion for dance and the community that is inspiring and contagious. Their passion is only matched by their skill and style diversity. Don’t expect a cookie cutter dance experience with Los Sabrosos.”
– Alisha Crose

“What inspires me the most about Nicolette and Agustin ‘s instruction style is their attention to detail, their focus, their drive and a true passion for teaching. Nicolette has such a keen eye. She sees who needs more assistance and gives individual pointers. Her attention to your technique is unmatched. Agustin and Nicolette have patience to break down every move to small parts so you get the whole picture. The classes are progressive, and always puts together the basics to form something elaborate. Once you understand the basics, and practice them regularly, you will begin to notice that 90 % of the patterns are basics put together in different order. What I think is especially exciting, is that you find out what you need to learn and practice to make even a simple right turn look and feel better than a poorly executed pattern.”
– Bahram Notghi

“Whether for salsa, bachata, cha cha or hip hop, I have had an amazing experience taking lessons with Los Sabrosos. Nicolette is full of pure joy for dancing and she has a true passion and gift for sharing that with her students. She and Agustin are perfectly paired to give anyone the skills they need to be confident at a social dance or in a performance. Their variety of classes allow you to continue to grow and refine at any ability level. Not to mention, they help you make new friends and stay in shape! For hip hop, Jeremy is an energetic and skilled instructor – and his choreography is awesome! I love getting a chance to sit back and watch any of Los Sabrosos’ wonderful instructors perform.”
– Kelly Henderson

“Nicolette and Agustin are fabulous instructors!! I have been taking salsa lessons with Los Sabrosos since November and I am constantly learning something new, polishing up on previous moves, and being challenged to improve my skill level. I appreciate not only their enthusiasm and support, but their attentiveness to each individual student’s needs and questions. With their dedication and support, it has been easier to step outside of my comfort zone and learn moves I thought I would never be able to do. Muchas gracias!!! :)”
– Hilary Ferencak

“Can’t Say any better working with a Group of Talented Instructors, also very well cultured and mixed!. Open minded Salsa and Extra Dance Teachers shows a wide open ways to learn any of their Dance Lessons. I approve this group as your main lead in your dance step!”
– DJ Juan Diego

“When I first discovered the salsa/Latin dance scene in Pittsburgh, it was intimidating to imagine learning all of those steps and fancy spins. Los Sabrosos was there to help me. A friend and I attended group lessons for several months. We quickly learned salsa, bachata and merengue. You do not need a partner!!! Agustin and Nicolette offer affordable group lessons where I met many dance partners that quickly became friends. Agustin and Nicolette will hold your hand if you are shy or push you to your full potential if you want to dance at a more advanced level.”
– Shea Soberdash

“I took twenty private lessons and several months of group lessons with Los Sabrosos. During this time, Nicolette and Agustin’s passion for dancing and teaching others to dance never faded. Their enthusiasm was evident in the energy and dedication they brought to planning and conducting each lesson. I was consistently surprised and impressed by how adept they were at identifying the subtle aspects of my technique that I needed to fine-tune. They offered just the right balance of patience, support, and challenge that I needed to move from private to group lessons and eventually to going out dancing. I’m lucky to have had the chance to start learning to dance from such gifted teachers and dancers.”
– Max N.

“I just wanted to e-mail and thank Los Sabrosos for the wonderful demonstration they did today with my students at Clarion University! All of the kids had a great time and cannot wait to do something similar in the future!
Thanks for the great instructor and the fun time!”
– Andrew T.
Punxsutawney Area High School

“I am a new student and LOVE it!! I drive an hour and a half to get to the class. So worth it, everyone is so nice and friendly. Dancing with strangers never came so easy :0) Everyone feels like old friends. So glad I found it!”
– Claudia Stiver

“I wanted to try something different to break up the winter hibernation routine, so I started attending salsa classes at Los Sabrosos in February 2012. It was a blast and I was hooked right away. I’ve always enjoyed dancing in clubs but had almost no experience with learning steps and timing. Nicolette and Agustin are wonderful and welcoming instructors, giving each student individual constructive feedback within the group sessions. They keep classes fun and enjoyable and low-pressure. Students can learn entirely at their own pace and as fits their schedule, I personally recommend attending sessions from the previous levels as you progress to help you keep sharp on your basics. In addition to salsa classes, they also offer bachata, occasional workshops in additional techniques to spice up your moves, and introductions to other Latin dance styles. Classes are a great way to switch up a workout routine, to expand a social network, and a really effective, healthy stress-release. You will feel at ease in social dance settings and develop a skill and passion that can last a lifetime.”
– Jessica S. Pfauth

“I began last year with Los Sabrosos in their small group class. I have to tell you what a wonderful experience it was!
I was warmly welcomed as a newcomer and introduced to the others immediately. The class is high energy but not stressful. Each student is afforded individual instruction during the class-which is both corrective and complimentary. It is encouraging to know when you are doing something right, and important to have individual correction so as not to form bad habits. Taught by both a male and female together, the student can gain insight into both the lead and follow’s part. By working with the instructor during rotation you receive that individual instruction. The patterns are built on weekly so what you learn is reinforced. Never once did your experience level hinder participation. The group was encouraged to go together and practice live, which was such fun.
Mostly, both Nicolette and Agustin shared their love of dance and promoted the social aspect of participation. All this, and very afforable, too!
I strongly recommend you get to their class and get your dance on!”
– Cyndee K.

“I attended July’s [2012] salsa classes taught by Nicolette and Agustin. They were great! I really enjoy their positive attitude and teaching style. Both provide great insight to the wonderful world of salsa. They are able to break down any move you have doubts on. Even in large classes they made me feel I had individual attention by pointing out areas for possible improvement. They are very welcoming and carry their classes in a very upbeat manner. I was encouraged to go out and practice what I was learning in class, which I feel really helped. I feel very lucky to have come across these classes during my summer stay in Pittsburgh. Muchas gracias!!!”
– Karla G.

“I was led to Nicolette and Agustin by a good friend who was already in the Salsa dance community as a student. I was looking for a studio that would offer me a great place to learn to dance salsa. However, my expectations were more than blown away when I took my first private lesson. Nicolette and Agustin provided a very comfortable and receiving learning atmosphere where my desire to learn was fueled by their desire to share their art. The instructor-student relationship created by Nicolette and Agustin is one of professionalism and friendship. Not only have they started my ability to dance salsa as a beginner, they have introduced me to a community of fellow dance students that are not only my peers in dance, but my friends at heart. Nicolette and Agustin are what every beginner, advanced and professional dancer should have as instructors and as friends.”
– Billy L.

“I first started taking dance lessons at LS after a friend invited me to come out and try some salsa. Initially, I was skeptical because no one in my family can dance, and I mean no one. But when I came into the studio, it didn’t matter if I had been dancing my whole life or not, Agustin and Nicolette were fantastic people who welcomed me without hesitation. I was awful, but because Nicolette and Agustin are such patient people, they worked with me so that I could be a better dancer. Their teaching style is one that promotes being happy and upbeat, and regardless of how my day is going, I’m always smiling when I leave. They are wonderful teachers and wonderful friends. I have been dancing for a year now, and I am glad I decided to go and try a lesson.”
– Erik C.

“In November I attended Los Sabrosos as a walk in and decided to stay with the program. The lessons were well detailed and thorough, approaching a level of individual lesson quality given the dance and communication skills of Nicolette Pawlowski and Agustin Garcia. The dance lessons are fun and well designed for teaching dancing skills to students wanting to advance their dancing level. While dance studios often teach using a teach-by-example method, Nicolette and Agustin are both strong dancers with high technical strengths who dance hands-on with students and easily identify individual weaknesses in leaders and followers. Nicolette has strong position and timing skills that are valuable for leaders seeking to advance beyond the good skill level generally accepted in social dancing.
I get more instructions and more specifics out of their lessons than most other lessons I’ve attended. In addition they uncommonly review their dance material from week to week. This allows students to learn the material thoroughly and develop the confidence to take those moves out on the dance floor.
They have excellent communication skills as well. Lessons have a happy balance between too much and too little information and include the most important comments for each dancer. I received clear instruction on the topics most important for improving my dancing. Nicolette is also part educator, part cheerleader and part Drill Sergeant so classes stay interesting and motivational. Both also often meet and dance with new and first time dancers as an outreach for the dance and bring an uncommon excellence and passion to the dance community.”
– Dave Sander

“Great place to learn dancing. Both Nicolette and Agustin are wonderful teachers.”
– Ethann Makinenni

“Got into Pittsburgh from Montreal and wanted to keep working on my salsa. I signed up for some private lessons. We went over what I wanted out of dancing. I had many bad habits that Nicolette and Agustin took the time to work with me to get rid of before we moved on. Their style and ability to teach is outstanding.They took the time to teach me but they also brought me into the salsa community of Pittsburgh. I have made great friends because of this. I have taken lesson all over the states and Canada and this has been the best experience of my life.”
– Kurt G.

Nicolette Pawlowski:

I have been taking salsa lessons at Los Sabrosos for four months now and I couldn’t be happier. Nicolette is an amazing teacher, patient, fun, graceful and encouraging! My lessons are the highlight of my week.
– Geoff Mackey

“As a professional choreographer who just got back into dancing after a 27-year break, I found Nicolette to be a technically competent teacher. With her care and observations, I learn from my mistakes and become better. She constantly pays attention to my moves and patiently helps me to improve my dance. She has genuine interest in my success, which I appreciate very much.
Everybody can learn steps and turns, but if you want to speak beautiful dance language then the Core & Styling class is extremely helpful. To have control of the different parts of your body in a classy and sexy style is what Salsa dance is all about. Nicolette presents this with outstanding mastery.
Nicolette has an exciting and radiating personality. She energizes the lessons and makes it fun. Nicolette makes the dance class warm and welcome for everyone. Her ambitions, determinations, hard work and the qualities that I mentioned above are the reasons why I highly respect and adore this lovely, beautiful young lady.”
– Larissa S.

“Aside from her obvious technical competence and love for the dances she teaches, what made my lessons so worthwhile was Nicolette’s patience, unending kindness, and her confidence that I could succeed.
My fear of looking silly melted away as I built on one small success after another, constantly encouraged by Nicolette’s generosity and compassion.
Never critical or impatient, her unconditional positive regard and technical mastery eased me through all my negative self-talk. Hey, I can dance—who would have thought.”

Krystyna Pawlowski:

“I’ve been doing the intro ballroom lessons at LS for a few weeks now, and I must say they are very thorough. Framing, foot placement and timing are harped upon every lesson. The instructor even gives a brief history of each dance. I like that we learn a new one each session; so far we’ve covered swing, waltz and foxtrot. Krystyna is fantastic! She comes with energy and enthusiasm every class and her instructions are loud and clear. She covers plenty of material in the hour while still managing to leave none of us behind. Still and all these ballroom lessons super fun. Just wish there were more girls, haha. Looking forward to the next lesson!”

“We contacted Los Sabrosos to help us prepare a dance for our wedding and prepare us they did! Our instructor, Krystyna, choreographed an amazing dance to the song we chose and worked tirelessly to help us learn all her fancy moves! We surprised ourselves at how good we looked; all thanks to Krystyna’s instruction and skill. Whether you’re preparing for a wedding or just want to learn a new skill, we highly recommend Krystyna for all your dancing needs!!!”

-Jenn & Zack