Salsa Classes

salsa dancing, salsa pittsburgh, man and woman dancing, salsa 412, salsa lessons, salsa classes, arthur murray, ballroom lessonsSalsa is one of the most popular social dances in the world. Combining multiple cultural influences – from Cuban to Puerto Rican, from African to American, and more – this style of dance will get your blood pumping!
The group classes that we offer typically focus on the most popular Salsa style in Pittsburgh:  Salsa On 1, which is also referred to as LA Style Salsa. We also offer Casino Rueda, a circular style of Salsa!

Salsa 1  (No partner needed)
Beginner to Experienced-Beginner
This beginner course goes over the foundations of Salsa.

Salsa 2  (No partner needed)
This experienced-beginner course builds on the foundations of Salsa, from footwork to partnerwork.

Salsa 2.5 (No partner needed)
Advanced-Beginner to Intermediate
Connecting the techniques and movements from beginner courses, this course focuses on improving solo and partnerwork to make social dancing more enjoyable.

Salsa 3 (No partner needed)
Bridging the gap between technique and application, this course focuses on providing reinforcement and improving intermediate to advanced partnerwork in the context of social dancing. Larger musical practice breaks will be provided.


All of our classes require the skills taught in the previous classes, as well as the previous levels.
Example: Salsa 2 requires that a dancer knows everything taught in the four classes of Salsa 1.

The first class of each series starts with a basic review of the material from the previous level.
Example: The first class of Salsa 3 consists of a review of the material covered in Salsa 2.

Each week we briefly review the material of the previous week, then move onto new material, and finally incorporate the new with the old in a combination for partnerwork and/or footwork.

We have created a Facebook group for Los Sabrosos students to connect with each other and find other students to partner with. Click here to be taken to the group.

Current Schedule of Salsa Classes

6 PM – Salsa 2.5
7 PM – Salsa 1
8 PM – Salsa 2

7 PM – Salsa 3
8 PM – Las Sabrosas Ladies Salsa & Bachata Team directed by Nicolette!

Saturdays (starts in the middle of the month)
7 PM – Salsa 2
8 PM – Salsa 1

12:30 PM – Esenica Latina Salsa & Bachata Partner Team directed by Agustin!

Group Course Registration

Please visit our Registration page for pricing and to sign up!

Contact the studio at 412-465-0290