Why Dance?

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Dance has been a part of ceremonies, celebrations and entertainment for thousands of years. There are a multitude of reasons why people choose to dance:

To meet people of all different backgrounds, life experiences, languages and energies
To enjoy the music
To socialize
To find someone special
To wrap up the day in a positive way
To shine
To destress
To grow comfortable with your body
To find community
To exercise
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To share something in common with others
To express yourself
To enjoy the movement
To celebrate life
Because you love it

Study in the New England Journal of Medicine on the importance of dance:
Dancing Reduces Risk of Dementia

Why dance with Los Sabrosos?

Perhaps you are wondering why you can’t simply watch a couple of YouTube videos and learn on your own. Perhaps you have tried some dance classes at another dance studio and weren’t that excited after the lesson. Perhaps you are wondering what our courses can even add to your life.

Why take lessons with Los Sabrosos Dance Co.?

Los Sabrosos Dance Co. stands out in several ways. We are not just good at dancing. We are really good at teaching. Many of our instructors have backgrounds in teaching and education (and several of our instructors have attained their Masters and/or PhDs). Our CEO, Nicolette Pawlowski, has a PhD in Educational Policy Studies and has studied teaching and education for many years, in addition to teaching in multiple settings for over two decades. Our COO, Agustin Garcia, has made it his life’s work to train and teach multiple styles of dance.
We do not skimp on instruction time. Our instructors receive on-going instruction in dance and in teaching. Our goal is to teach you to dance, in as enjoyable way as possible.

Our instructors use course syllabi that come from years of experience and critique from other professionals. We do not sell “secrets” of dancing. We offer instruction and guidance in making you more comfortable and happy with your body, your dance technique, and your dance presence.
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We extend our instruction beyond the classroom. Why learn to dance if you can’t use it on the dance floor? You will see LS Dance Co. instructors dancing in the dance scene with their students. You will see our ballroom instructor at ballroom socials, and our bellydance instructor at haflas. You will see us performing at congresses around the country, and teaching mini lessons at weddings and corporate events. We will offer you advice on how to approach people to dance, and encourage you to dance with as many people as possible in order to improve your dancing even more. Regardless whether you are a current, former or potential student, we will dance and invite you to dance with us. Dancing is not just our business, it is our passion.

Check out this great video regarding why people choose to dance: