May Workshops

The sun is here and we are ready with amazing end-of-the-month workshops!
These one-day classes are great for beginners looking to try something new and experience dancers getting ready for all those summer socials!
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Ladies Styling for Social Latin Dancing  

Monday, May 29th 7PM-8:30PM

Learn form the best! Las Sabrosas Ladies Team Director, Nicolette will help you bring a confident and feminine presence on the dance floor! This workshop teaches students interested in feminine style Salsa and Bachata dancing how to keep a good posture, polish their movements, and turn heads at socials and other fabulous summer events. Open to people of all genders and gender expressions interested in feminine style dancing.
$35 per person

Tango Crosses with Confidence 

Tuesday, May 30th 8PM-9PM

The cruzada (cross) is an integral part of Argentine tango. Expert tanguero, Jerry Minshall will teach students when and how to execute the cross, but more importantly, WHY to cross. Ideal for the beginner who wants a “taste of tango”. Valuable for the improver who wants a deeper understanding of the cruzada.
$30 per person

Contemporary Fusion Workshop

Wednesday, May 31st 7PM-8PM

Looking for a new way to enjoy movement and express yourself? Instructor Savionne brings a workshop welcoming you to the world of contemporary fusion. Open to all levels, beginners welcome. Strong, intentional, and beautiful, this dance style is sure to win your heart! Ages teen and up.
$30 per person

Dance and Learn: Constructive Social

Wednesday, May 31st 7PM-9PM

Join instructors Stan and Heidi for a Salsa and Bachata “pr√°ctica” designed to help you improve your footwork, technique, and posture on the dance floor. Dance with other students and receive feedback in a fun and friendly environment.

$40 per person

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